If Caregiving Was Easy, It Wouldn’t Be Hard

Jill Armijo, Speaker

Committed to training family caregivers with TLC and real tools to say “no” to overwhelm and feeling trapped, so they can have the life they want while caring for a loved one.

Jill Armijo lives with her husband, Joe, and her two dogs in Lehi, Utah. She became her husband’s caregiver in the late 1990’s as a young mother of two boys, and a baby on the way.

Through her journey of trying to get her husband medical care to cure him and get him back to the man she once knew before the Gulf War, she’s realized he’s wonderful just as he is.

She’s learned valuable tools that help her get through all the valleys with her emotional, physical and spiritual health intact.

In her coaching practice, Jill helps other caregivers who feel frustrated, overwhelmed and need more “ME time” to create the life they want and deserve.

Signature Talk

Jill’s signature talk is called If Caregiving Was Easy, It Wouldn’t Be Hard.

In it she talks about:

  • The Self-Coaching Model
  • Honoring your thoughts
  • Trying on new ones
  • Your feelings
  • Owning your choices
  • Helping you paddle your caregiving canoe
  • Tools for the caregivers

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