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Our country’s family caregivers are on the frontlines of national security. They save our government millions of dollars that can provide other resources we rely on every day, and for our safety. 

Family caregivers come in all shapes and sizes. Many are children, who give a wounded warrior, a grandparent, or dependent sibling unconditional love and purpose.

They provide the reason for living for many people who might otherwise take their own lives.

Many people want to help veterans, wounded warriors, elderly folks, homeless citizens, orphans and a myriad of other people who need love and support, but they don’t know what to do. 

Helping a caregiver can be the key in desperate situations where a family member needs a safety net with the tools to care for their own emotional health as they care for their loved one.

Jill’s mission is to seek out family caregivers and give them hope, compassion for themselves and their loved ones, and real support, not just emojis of hearts and praying hands, although those are definitely appreciated. I know.

Home of the Unknown Soldier, and Confessions of a Caregiver are valuable resources that anyone can share with a caregiver.

Both books are easy reads, with stories of caregiving adventures and hair raising events that will hold a reader’s attention and provide substance for the principles shared. Emotional healing, maturity and self-care has never been more understandable and attainable!

You can find Jill’s book, Home of the Unknown Soldier, is available via Amazon.

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