Do you feel trapped in your role as a caregiver to someone you hardly recognize anymore? Are you lonely, overwhelmed and frustrated? Not getting enough play, self-expression, intimacy, help from family, career fulfillment, sleep or ME time?

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Meet Jill

For over 20 years, I’ve cared for my veteran husband, who has struggled with schizophrenia, physical pain, chronic bleeding, and weakness. 

For the longest time I felt that in order for me to be happy, he needed to be cured. I’ve realized that he can be himself, and I can love him, just as he is.

I can be safe, compassionate and creative. And our kids are better off because of our journey, not in spite of our struggle. I can help you find that same confidence and strength.

I hear you. My clients and fellow caregivers tell me that they feel:



not enough ME time 

mood swings

fear of the unknown


loss of intimacy




neglected by family


loss of self-expression

career stagnation

loss of privacy

You don’t have to settle for losing who you are as you set aside your life to care for someone you love. I can show you the way out of your pain and frustration to build confidence in meeting your needs and those of your loved one.

Come with your biggest concern, bring your biggest challenge.

Leave with answers and tools.

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What does caregiving look like for you? In one free 20 minute consultation (I know you’re busy) you will have a clear vision of what will help you the most. If you need more help, there are 3 easy ways to get coached. You can get the peace and joy you want back in your life.



Jill approaches each person’s issues individually. She has multiple talents to employ in my behalf, whether it is to get to the root of my pain through PT, or to encourage better nutrition. She helped me gain a firm foundation for using WFPB. Whole foods can heal so many problems that come with old age and being a care giver. I am constantly aware of the part nutrition plays in helping control my husband’s progression downhill with Parkinson’s.


I love Jill and the amazing work she does! You can tell she loves her job and she truly has the skills to help people bring balance to all areas of their lives. She has been coaching me for the past few months and she is an incredible support system to have. She’s positive, motivating, professional and just such a great teacher, coach and cheerleader.

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